Thursday, March 31, 2016

They Grow So Fast

I've been collecting since 2001, making this year my 15th anniversary of cinema collecting. This photo shows the oldest photo of the collection I have from 2006 vs. what the library has grown to 10 years later...


  1. You definitely must have the LARGEST privately owned movie collection on Earth by now, probably the 2nd largest in the US (Scarecrow Video out in Seattle I think have you beat by a few thousand).

    1. Nahhh... I'm sure there are many larger collections out there.

  2. Howdy, Partner!

    A really awesome collection and great, entertaining and also quite educative videos, man! I stumbled over your channel on You Tube at the beginning of this week and have already watched all of your march videos by now. Cool stuff! And a lot of topics, I really never heard of - that said, I´m a movie collector myself for almost 20 years now (started my DVD collection 1999 with Faculty on DVD; since 2010 I´m on BD now and have round about 1.500 BDs right now and maybe 1.000 DVDs left), like CB-HD, Nuon-DVDs or that great 8mm Movie Viewer! Amazing! Two questions (I did not find a mail address from you anywhere, so I post it here I guess):

    A. I´m from Germany and look for other collectors in other parts of the world to look for certain things, which are quite easy to find in one country, but maybe way harder in another, to support each other. If you would be interested, I could look for things you want and send them to your PO address; and in return maybe you could send something back to me, which would be easy to get for you, but way harder for me. No money involved and just like a little support between movie collectors. If you would be interested, I would send you the first package, you can see if it pleases you and if you got something small I would need (not that many things right now), maybe you could send me something back. For example: I could look for these solo Spice-Girls CDs you still need. I think, they shouldn´t be that hard to find here in Germany. So, just let me know, which ones you don´t already have and then I could get them for you...

    2. I have two Scream Factory BD releases twice in my collection, did not found those around your collection overview section; so if you want them, they´re yours: Carpenters ´They Live´ and ´Prince of´ Darkness. As a little free gift for you and your awesome channel...

    Keep up your great work and it would be nice to hear from you in return!/